January 08, 2015

Charlie Hebdo


April 16, 2014

Half-sad news...

Hi everybody !

This post to tell you I stop posting on this blog today : it's too much work to maintain two photo blogs, one in French, and the very same in english...

But for those of you who like my work, you just have to switch to my french photo-blog where I'll still be posting...

Here is the URL : http://laurent-roy.blogspot.fr/

Don't forget to update your favorites in your browser...

...and if you care, spread the word...

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April 01, 2014

Auteuil Hippodrome

Auteuil Hippodrome / Paris / France

The Ancient buildind being destroyed.

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March 02, 2014

Saint Germain en Laye

January 30, 2014


Showing the disassembly of old out of order items...


Cellphone Ola

Cellphone Sagem MyX6-2

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December 23, 2013

On the beach...