September 23, 2013

Old leather jacket and Climax

My old leather Jacket and Climax, with which I've been riding my bikes for a certain amount of kilometers. These ones have been knowing any kind of weather (and I mean any).

This leather jacket, brought new in 1987 directly from the maker (no brand), have never been cleaned nor knowing any kind of moisturizing product. It's one hell of a quality leather, and it weights 3kg on itself ! Of course, as it's some kind of a Perfecto shape, no protections are included (anyway, I don't remember any included protections in leather jackets at that time)...

These old Climax goggles, bought already used, have seen their strap replaced by another one I made by myself. I used old jean's fabric to cover the new rubber band replacing the original springs which were broken, and some leather I cutted from old boots to make the buckles. I used pyrography to put my mark (which was at that time a stylized Lizard) on the leather buckles.


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